Care and Prevention Seminar: Sept 17, 2018

How we Make Athletes Stronger, Fitter and Return Them to Game Quicker After Injury

FKK’s annual Care and Prevention Seminar will be held Monday, September 17th at the Foundry Church in Winter Springs.  This interactive session will involve doctors, sports nutritionists, exercise physiologists and student athletes to educate our players on the club’s commitment to building strength, conditioning, preventative care and faster recovery in the event of a injury.


  • Date: Monday, September 17
  • Location: Foundry Church (formally Metro Church)
  • Address:  1491 E State Rd 434, Winter Springs, FL 32708
  • Time: 6:30-8:00 PM
  • Mandatory for all U14 older Boys and Girls Teams; CompRec optional
  • Attire:  training jerseys
  • Speakers: Orlando Orthopedic doctors, Sports Spectrum Performance (SSP), Rollins College student-athlete, sports physiologists and psychologists that help design our programs.
  • Topics: why we train the way we do, building strength and confidence, power of rejuvenation, sports hydration & nutrition, what happens with soccer injuries, how we get you back on the field quicker.

This is your chance to get involved and ask questions of those whom are trusted with your care on and off the field to make build you into a better athlete.  Bring your questions, get engaged with the experts.