Financial Assistance 2017

BB&T Scholarship Fund


With the help of BB&T, Florida Kraze Krush is proud to be able to office financial assistance to families in need.  In 2016-17, FKK awarded 80 families with some form of assistance. “It is our hope to keep as many kids playing soccer as we can, regardless of their financial situation” – Hue Menzies Executive Director

To Apply:

Fill out the form below and upload the IRS form 4506T. The form must be legible with nothing scratched out and it must be hand signed.

All applications must be submitted electronically and a separate application must be submitted for each player.

** You must be registered before you can apply for financial assistance.

Please type in information, print, sign. All forms must be hand signed. The address must match the address from your tax return.

f4506t editable 2017

Financial Aid Application - Submit 1 for each player in a family

The Financial Aid Application for the 2017-18 seasonal year has been closed. All scholarship money has  been disbursed. 


Application Form