GotSoccer HELP!

How to Navigate GotSoccer

GotSoccer is the player registration software used by FKK. This software is  how all players register for the club, team register for tournaments and how the club gets its passes from the state. If you have had a child playing in the system for a number of years or just starting out; GotSoccer can be confusing and sometimes even frustrating. Hopefully this page will help make your “GotSoccer” life easier.  We have a YouTube Channel to walk you through some of these scenarios as well.

Each Player Must Have an Individual Account

Each player must have their own individual account to register for a program with their own unique username and password. These can be combined into a family account to keep track of them all in one place but it must be individual users under a “family umbrella”.

Navigate Players Financial Club Account

To check your players financial account:

  • Log into the individual players username and password at under Login and then PLAYERS AND INDIVIDUALS and then INDIVIDUAL PLAYERS
  • On the WELCOME PAGE under CURRENTLY ENROLLED PROGRAMS click the blue DETAILS button (this will show you the invoices and what has been paid and what is still owed on your account)

To change the credit card information:

  • Scroll all the way down the page and on the bottom left under the electronic signature you will see PAYMENT INFORMATION ON FILE
  • Click on the INPUT NEW PAYMENT INFORMATION and enter new or updated payment information

Watch this video for more instruction

How to Upload a Birth Certificate

Per FYSA all players must be “birthday verified”. This means that FYSA (Florida Youth Soccer Association) has to see a copy of the players birth certificate to verify the information on the birth certificate is the same as what is in the players profile. All documents that are uploaded to your players account are encrypted and can only be seen by the registrar form the club and the registrar from Florida Youth Soccer Association. These documents can not be viewed from the team account or the team manager to assure you that these documents are secure. Acceptable documents are birth certificate or passport.

How and where to upload these documents.

  • Documents must be in PDF for JPEG form
  • Look down the left side to CLUB DOCUMENTS.
  • It is there that you can securely upload these documents.

Watch this video for more instuctions

How to Upload a Proper Photo

Each player must have an updated photo taken within the last 6 months. This mean all player profile pictures in GotSoccer should be updated every year. Photos should be drivers license type of just head and shoulders.

How to upload a photo:

  • Photo must be in JPEG form and less than 500mg. PNG will upload but you can not print a pass with a photo that is formatted to PNG
  • From the individual player profile page click on the change photo button.

Watch this video for mare instruction