RainedOut App

Download the App

  1. Click on this link to RainedOut; this is FKK’s custom link
  2. Enter your email address or mobile phone number.
  3. You can do BOTH if you wish to receive both emails and text messages. If you want both, you will need to do one device at at time (i.e.: enter your mobile phone first, then come back in again and then sign up for email notifications)
  4. You will then receive a validation code from RainedOut via your email or mobile phone (whichever you signed up for)


If you have any issues, please contact RainedOut Support RainedOut_logoat [email protected]. They are responsive and helpful!



“I entered my cell phone number, but have not received a validation code back”

  • This indicates a blocked or restricted texting plan from your mobile carrier.
  • Please contact your carrier to request that texts be permitted from RainedOut’s phone number (84483).
  • You may be wondering “Why can I get texts from other people, but not RainedOut?”
  • The answer is because not all text plans, even “unlimited” plans,  include all types of text services.
  • There are two types of text messaging:
    1. Mobile-to-mobile (sending a text message from one phone to another)
    2. Mobile terminated messages (a non-cellphone to a cell phone)
  • “Mobile terminated” text messaging includes any/all services that send from short codes. (Short form phone numbers used for texting.) RainedOut sends texts from the phone number 84483.
  • In some cases, your carrier may be able to assist you. Try texting HELP to 84483. Your carrier may respond with an error or helpful message.
  • You’ll need to contact your carrier and request this type of message or ask for assistance in troubleshooting this short code.

“I entered my email address, but am not receiving a verification code, any alerts OR getting old ones from a previous soccer club I was signed up for”

  • Your email address may still be signed up for your old club.
  • Contact [email protected] and they will research where your email address is associated with and fix the problem