Trunk or Treat: Friday, October 26th

Central Winds Gets Spooky for FKK’s
First Touch and Development (FTD) youngest players!

Friday, October 26 @ 7:00 pm / Central Winds Park / $3 per child or $10 per family

 Take a look at the these FUN & EASY ideas.  We encourage your car to have a simple “game” (see suggestions below) so the little kids have something extra to work for a “special” treat.




Why are we doing this event?
To raise funds for the FKK Scholarship Fund.  It’s something different and the little kids will enjoy!

Who does the FKK Scholarship Fund benefit?
Many players/families benefit from the scholarship fund and would not be able to player soccer without it.  FKK scholarships have provided over $25,000 this year in financial assistance to help player pay for their club fees and uniforms. 

When is the event?
Friday, Oct 26th from 7:00-8:30 pm @ Central Winds Park

What is First Touch and Development (FTD)?
These are FKK’s youngest players — girls and boys between the ages of 5-8 years old. They are our future teams!  There is a 6:00 pm session that will finish and then walk over to the Trunk Line-Ups.  Then when the 7:00 pm session is over, those players will make their way over for the fun.  We are expecting around 150-200 young players from all our FTD Sites of Shane Kelly, Central Winds, Avalon and Winter Park sites.

Where do I set up my car and how early can I get there?
The Trunk line-up will be on the large sidewalk and grass that leads up to the Concession Stand and bathrooms.  You will be allowed to pull your car in and set up your masterpiece starting at 5:30pm.  You will be provided a “lot number” where you will pull in and set up your Trunk.  FKK set up 45 spots last year and every spot was reserved by a team.  

What else will be going on at this event?
Soccer Darts and a DJ will be rocking out the tunes. The kids will have a cookie decorating station they can create and then EAT their own creation.  The Concession stand will also be open for refreshments.  Most of the cars will also have a simple type game the kids can play in order to get a “special” treat!

Can anyone attend?
FKK players, siblings, friends, neighbors — any younger age children can trunk or treat (up to 9 yrs old).

Do Trunk Or Treaters have to pay?  Do they have to wear a costume?
We would love for our players to change into their costumes, but it is not needed to enjoy the festivities.  FKK is asking for a $10 donation per family or $3/child. We will have plastic bags to collect their treats.

Why are the Select Teams being asked to set up the trunks and give out candy/treats?
The young players look up to the older players.  Plus we want you to be creative and have fun off the field.  You could win a PRIZE for Most Creative Trunk, Scariest Trunk, and Highest Team Participation too!

What are some simple game ideas to have at the cars?

We wanted the kids to have something simple to do as they come up to each car (besides just getting candy). The idea is that the kids get to play something quick/simple and if he/she wins, they get a SPECIAL treat of some sort (think Ring Pop, full size AirHead, etc)  Some ideas are:

  • Toss a ping-pong ball into cups sitting in the back of a trunk. There is 1-2 marked cups. If they get the ball in that cup, they win.
  • Have glass bottles set up and toss a couple of rings to see if they can get the ring on the specially marked bottle
  • Rubber ducks floating in a bucket; child selects the marked duck to get the special treat
  • Create a bowl of spaghetti noodles and put something in there they have to find
  • Create an “I Spy” scene (see above photo) and make the special item very hard to find
  • CornHole game:  if you get the bean bag in the hole you get the special treat
  • Lollipop Tree: your normal treats can be the small lollipop dum dums, but a few are marked with a special dot
  • Ball throw or juggle into a basket

Who do I contact to reserve my spot in the Trunk Or Treat line up?
Georgine Mikalsen /
We will be sending out a Form to fill out to get more details about your trunk and contact info for the night of the event.