Mark Hansen Promoted to FKK's Operations Director


Mark Hansen was recently promoted as FKK's Operations Director.  He will manage all Boys and Girls ECNL happenings and see over the general operations of the club from scheduling to daily administration.  Mark will be coaching the 03/05/07 Krush ECNL teams this year.

HUE MENZIES, FKK Executive Director:
As our club continues to grow in numbers, we have to create an infrastructure that will accommodate growth for the next 5-10 years.  Promoting Mark was an easy decision. Mark has initiated himself from the first day he was hired and is one of the best hires in my many years in this business. Promoting from within is always a goal of our organization and we hope that continues to set the stage for our current employment. Congratulations goes out to Mark.

JOE AVALLONE, FKK Director of Coaching:
I echo Hue's words and am pleased Mark is being put in a role to help int he continued growth of our club.  Mark's ability to not only coach, but administrate  is a unique skill set.  Mark and I have worked closely these past few years and we will continue to work together in the recruiting process for our players.  Mark will be full-time soccer and soccer operations which demonstrates our continued support for our membership.

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