Welcome to FKK's Tryouts: May 1 - 4, 2023

BOYS @ Central Winds Park, Winter Springs
GIRLS @ Shane Kelly Park, Oviedo

All players MUST be registered to tryout on the field.
There is no fee/charge to tryout. Tryouts are open to any player.

What to Expect at Tryouts

I registered online for Tryouts. Where do I go when I arrive at the fields?

  • Look for the check-in tent.  You will provide the player’s name and volunteers will make sure the player is in the system.  Players will receive a bib number to pin onto their shorts.  This bib number is associated with their name, so it’s important to hold onto it for the other tryout days.

I did not register online for Tryouts and will be walking up.  What do I do?

  • From your phone, click on this link.  You will need to create a username and password and fill out the appropriate form.
  • After that is complete, go to the check-in tent and tell them the player name.

What time do I need to arrive?

  • You should arrive 30 to 45 minutes before your tryout time. This will give you time park, check-in, get your tryout number, warm up a little and be ready when the tryout starts

What should my player wear?

  • Players should wear a white or grey shirt, cleats and shin guards.

What should my player bring with them?

  • Players should bring a ball, water, cleats and shin guards.

What should I expect?

  • Players will go through warm up, small sided (technical) and larger group play.
  • Coaches will inform your players of next steps

Do we need to attend ALL Tryout days and sessions?

  • All players should attend as many sessions as possible. The coaches will let you know if you need to return for the next session.
  • Each day, players will be told if they need to return the next day.

Why are the coaches looking at their phones and tablets?

  • All coaches are using an app to help facilitate choosing teams. All rosters have been sent electronically to their phones and then to the FKK Admins for a quicker transition of team rosters.

What happens when my player is chosen for a team?

  • When a coach invites you to join a team, you will receive an email that provides instructions on next steps.
  • Each email has a unique individual link that will take you straight to the proper registration for your player.

Will I have to pay now or can I pay later?

  • You must pay the $350 deposit at a minimum — and then you will be enrolled in the auto-pay program. 
  • You can pay your full balance (and receive a $100 discount) or set up the payment plan.

Is there any financial aid available?

  • The financial assistance application can be found in your Playmetrics account. You must be registered and pay the $200 deposit before you will be considered.

When do I order my uniform?

  • Detailed info will be sent separately regarding the uniform kits if you need to order one.

I am a returning player do I need a new uniform?

  • Yes. We would like to introduce as our new uniform vendor. Information about how to order your uniform will be sent after you are registered.

Tryout Schedules

Central Winds Park (Winter Springs)

Birth YearTimeFieldGoalkeepers (Field)
2005/20065:00-6:30pm Field A/D Field D
20075:00-6:30pm Field B/C Field D
20088:00-9:30pm Field B/C Field D
20096:30-8:00pm Field B/C Field D
20108:00-9:30pm Field A/D Field D
20116:30-8:00pm Field A/D Field D
20126:30-8:00pm Field H/I Field G
20135:00-6:30pm Field H/I Field G
20145:00-6:30pm Field H/I Field G
20155:00-6:30pm Field F/G Field G
20165:00-6:30pm Field F/G Field G

Shane Kelly Park (Oviedo)

Birth YearTimeFieldGoalkeepers (Field)
2005/20065:00-6:30pmField 1/2Field 3
20076:30-8:00pmField 4 (lower pad)Field 3
20088:00-9:30pmField 1/2Field 3
20096:30-8:00pmField 1/2Field 3
20108:00-9:30pmField 2/3Field 3
20116:30-8:00pmField 2/3Field 3
20125:00-6:30pmField 4 (lower pad)Field 3
20135:00-6:30pmField 4 (lower pad)Field 3
20145:00-6:30pmField 3Field 3
20155:00-6:30pmField 3Field 3
20165:00-6:30pmField 4 (lower pad)Field 3

Club Fees

Annual Fees: $100 discount if paid in full. Payment plans will be available and the balance will be broken up over several months.  All payments are due on the 1st day of the month. PAYMENT PLANS MUST HAVE CREDIT CARD INFORMATION ON FILE FOR AUTOMATIC PAYMENTS.

Club Fees cover:  League registration fees, Club Admin fees, Fields Usage fees, League Referee fees, Club Training fees

CLUB FEES:  PreSelect


CLUB FEES:  Junior Select


CLUB FEES:  Select


Team Fees

Team fees must be paid directly to the team manager and are separate from club fees. This is an estimate and the amount varies depending on final # of events per team. Team fees include but are not limited to the following items: Tournament entry fees, Coach travel expenses (if applicable), Cancer month fundraiser, Media Guide, Trunk Or Treat event, Team Basket (end of the year party), Guest uniform, Scrimmage Referee fees (if needed)

Team fees can vary and will be charged through SNAP SPEND. This is a separate payment from the club fees.

TEAM FEES: PreSelect
These are estimates and ranges only. Subject to change.

U8$600 - $700$600 - $700$500 - $600
U9$600 - $700$600 - $700$500 - $600

TEAM FEES: Junior Select
These are estimates and ranges only. Subject to change.

U10$800 - $1000$600 - $750$500 - $600
U11$800 - $1000$600 - $750$500 - $600
U12$800 - $1000$600 - $750$500 - $600

TEAM FEES: Senior Select
These are estimates and ranges only. Subject to change.

U13$1400 - $1600$800 - $1000$600 - $800
U14$1400 - $1600$800 - $1000$600 - $800
U15$1400 - $1600$800 - $1000$600 - $800
U16$1400 - $1600$800 - $1000$600 - $800
U17$1400 - $1600$800 - $1000$600 - $800
U18/19$1400 - $1600$800 - $1000$600 - $800


Mark Hansen:
Director of Operations + Age Group Coordinator Boys/Girls U13-U19

Omar Vallejo:
Age Group Coordinator Boys/Girls U9-U12

General Info:

FKK Office: 407-542-4939