EVN Danish vs FKK Teams

Good competition between FKK and EVN Danish

The EVN Danish students/players travel to Florida every year and stay with local FKK families for a unique and rewarding experience. EVN students will play friendlies with FKK, Orlando City, Montverde and Boca during their stay in Central Florida.  They will also be tourists with their groups during the week and then play several games in the evenings — and become part of their American host families they stay with for the 10 days while in the Orlando area.

The teams were well matched and below are the results and photos:

  • All-Star Kraze vs EVN Boys B  -- Final Score:  Kraze 2 / EVN Danish 1
  • All-Star ECNL Kraze vs EVN Boys A  -- Final Score:  Kraze 2 / EVN Danish 3
  • 01 Black Krush vs EVN Girls   -- Final Score:  Krush 1 / EVN Danish 1
01 Krush White vs EVN Danish
All-Star Kraze vs EVN Danish
All-Star Kraze ECNL vs EVN Danish

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