FKK Partners with PlayMetrics

FKK is excited to announce the partnering with PlayMetrics!  This efficient and effective app will allow quick communication and unify club management activities in one place.


Key Features for FKK Families:

  • Receive time sensitive updates via your phone with automatic alerts:  Weather updates, field changes, game/practice cancellations etc. (this will replace the RainOut app we used to use)
  • Game/training schedules will be managed using PlayMetrics.  This will replace TeamSnap mid-June
  • Everything will be completed through this app instead of various places in one easy-to-manage hub

Next Steps:

  1. Download the App to your phone
  2. Create a main user account:
  3. That main user can then add other people that need to be on that account
  4. Once the account is created, you can adjust the notification preferences by toggling each item on/off -- and then selecting the type of notification you want (email / text / push).
  5. Team Managers will be communicating more info in the near future

Useful FAQs:


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