FKK Supports Orlando Orthopedics Family Fitness Fest

Orlando Orthopedics - FKK's Gold Sponsor, held their 4th Annual Family Fitness Fest this past Saturday, August 17, 2019 at the Sanford Civic Center.  Orlando Ortho set up 11 fitness stations that consisted of stretching, martial arts, yoga, basketball, football and of course soccer!  FKK had a station where the kids came through and dribbled a ball through cones and slotted the ball into a hole.  Once the kids went thru all the stations, they were able to select a prize (a sports ball) from a table.

Thanks to Peter Abbey and Bill Eissele for running the station and our 3 volunteers for helping the coaches and manage our FKK station!

Orlando Ortho is a huge supporter of community sports and offers many scholarships to kids in need to expose families to the benefits of organized sports.  With FKK, they provide $20,000 in sponsorship to aid in helping our FKK players pay for club fees and other soccer expenses, along with the Athletic Trainers throughout the year.

Orlando Orthopedics – Family Fitness Fest 2019

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