Get Your Cameras Ready!

U8 Bridge Napoli_2416The Parent Action Committee (PAC) is currently working on the third edition of the Florida Kraze Krush Media Guide. As a club we have a lot to brag about, including league and tournament successes, national and regional player recognition and college commitments.

We are looking for fun player candids, photos of teams with trophies/medals/awards, great action shots, etc. We’d also like to highlight players with special recognitions.

Please begin collecting profile/bio information for players with regional, national or ODP accomplishments. A bio form will be sent out in the next few weeks. Additionally, the media guide will include a team photo for all teams that submit one. We would like to see all teams equally represented.

Please include your team’s name (i.e., U17 Krush White) in the subject line. The deadline for receiving information and photos is March 31, 2016. But the sooner the better!

Pictures taken in high resolution are best, and preferably no photos taken with a phone, iPad/tablet or ancillary camera device. Please do not send any photos that are copyrighted (i.e., pictures taken by a tournament contracted photographer with photos for sale), as they will not be included.

In addition to photos, we will have personal ad space available as well. These ads may be purchased by teams or individuals and can include a non-business caption. More information will follow about purchasing ads.

Email photos or any questions to:


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