Girls Do Well at CASL Showcase

CASL logoThis past weekend, six Krush teams traveled up to the chilly Raleigh NC area to participate in one of the top showcases in the nation:  CASL (Capital Area Soccer League). Selecting the top U15-U19 girl’s soccer teams from around the country, this tournament is a premier level tournament for competitive teams with over 440 teams and over 550 college coaches in attendance.

Not only did our Krush teams battle against top teams, but they were seen by many college coaches and were able to attend the NCAA Final Four games!

CASL Showcase Results:

U15 KRUSH BLACK:    Loss 0-4  |  Loss 1-4  |  Loss 0-1

U15 KRUSH WHITE:  Loss 1-3  |  Loss 0-4 |  Tie 0-0

U16 KRUSH BLACK:  Won 1-0  |  Tie 0-0  |  Tie 0-0

U17 KRUSH BLACK:  Win 2-0  |  Loss 0-2  |  Tie 0-0

U17 KRUSH WHITE:  Win 1-0  |  Tie 0-0  |  Tie 1-1

U18 KRUSH BLACK:  Win 1-0  |  Win 2-1  |  Loss 1-2



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