Monday, August 14, 2023

5:00 – 9:00 pm
Each team will have it’s assigned time slot (view below)

The Foundry Church
1491 E SR 434, Winter Springs, FL 32708

Bring your Call Sheet

“This was a huge success last year and FKK Families surpassed all of our goals! This will give us an opportunity to minimize individual’s team and club costs. The event will not only help our membership financially, it will bring everyone closer together.

Let’s do this AGAIN and beat last year's numbers! ”

Hue Menzies
Executive Director


Q: Do we only have an hour to get the donations?
A: No, The texts and calls by the players are only an hour, we leave the fundraising link open to accept donations for 7 days.

Q: What happens with the call 20 lists?
A: For accountability they need to be shown to the coach of their team. They are not collected or entered into any 3rd party system. The contacts are used only by the player on their own phone.

Q: What happens with the donor’s information (name/phone number)?
A: It is only used for the fundraiser. Information is not used or sold.

Q: Are the donations tax deductible?
A: Hour-A-Thon will provide via email a donation receipt to the donor, the donor should discuss with their tax professional on how to apply it.

Q: What if I do not have a phone?
A: Have mom or dad there with you to help with the text and calls.

Q: Can we accept cash and checks?
A: Yes, get that money directly to your coaches. However, it will not be tracked by Hour-A-Thon.

Q: Can we opt to give 100% of what we raise to the scholarship fund?
A: Absolutely.

Get ready to make a difference! Last year, we raised an amazing $155,000! Let's beat that number this year!!!

Teams will come together for just one hour to work to raise money. The proceeds from the event, after expenses, will be split 60/40 between the club’s scholarship fund and the individual player’s team fee account. Each player has a goal of raising at least $300.

Example of Donation Breakdown:

  • You raise $300 in Donations
  • The Hour-A-Thon company deducts their fee of 10%, so $270 is paid to FKK
  • 60% = $162 = Goes into the FKK Scholarship Fund
  • 40% = $108 = Goes into YOUR Team Account

This will be an exciting set up for the teams! A live feed from the Hour-A-Thon staff will be running each session and motivating the players — giveaways and refreshments during each session too!

All practices and sessions at Spectrum are canceled.

There will be prizes for the top three teams and the top three individual players. Each player has a goal of raising at least $300.

What do you need to do?

  1.  Gather your 20 Names and Phone Numbers that you can call and text for donations
  2. Add them to your Hour-A-Thon sheet
  3. Go to your assigned team time at the Foundry Church on Monday, Aug 14th. Your entire team will be there!
  4. On Monday >>>Text and call and be ready to compete!


Call Sheet

HourAThon CallSheet Thumb HourAThon CallSheet Thumb

1) Print your Call Sheet

2) Fill it out before you come to your team session

3) Be ready to compete!


What used to take us 5 weeks now takes us 1 hour AND we make more!

5:15 PM / 6:30 PM / 7:45 PM

Arrive at 5pm / Start at 5:15pm

05/06 Kraze ECNL
05/06 Kraze ECRL
05/06 Kraze NPL
07 Kraze ECNL
07 Kraze ECRL
07 Kraze NPL
14 Kraze Pre ECNL
14 Kraze Pre ECRL
15 Kraze Black
15 Kraze Blue
15 Kraze White
16 Kraze Black
05/06 Krush ECRL
05/06 Krush ECNL
07 Krush Blue
07 Krush ECNL
07 Krush ECRL
09 Krush Blue
15 Krush Black
15 Krush White

Arrive at 6:15pm / Start at 6:30pm

09 Kraze ECNL
09 Kraze Red
10 Kraze Red
10 Kraze ECRL
11 Kraze ECNL
11 Kraze ECRL
12 Kraze Pre ECNL
12 Kraze Pre ECRL
13 Kraze Pre ECNL
13 Kraze Blue
13 Kraze Pre ECRL
13 Kraze Red
14 Kraze Blue
14 Kraze Red
11 Krush ECRL
11 Krush ECNL
12 Krush Pre ECNL
12 Krush Pre ECRL
13 Krush Pre ECNL
13 Krush Pre ECRL
13 Krush Blue
14 Krush Pre ECNL
14 Krush Pre ECRL

Arrive at 7:30pm / Start at 7:45pm

08 Kraze ECRL
08 Kraze NPL
08 Kraze Red
08 Kraze ECNL
09 Kraze ECRL
09 Kraze NPL
10 Kraze NPL
10 Kraze ECNL
11 Kraze NPL
11 Kraze Red
12 Kraze Blue
12 Kraze Red
08 Krush ECNL
08 Krush ECRL
08 Krush Blue
09 Krush ECNL
09 Krush ECRL
10 Krush ECNL
10 Krush ECRL
11 Krush Blue