Care, Prevention and Performance

The resources below have carefully created with our Sponsorship Partners to bring you the best in fitness preparation, nutrition to perform your best.  Should an accident happen medical care and recovery to return you to the pitch as quickly as possible.

Have an injury?  Here’s what to do, follow these steps:

  • FKK Medical Injury Plan – Every team manager should have this available
  • Key Contacts:
    • Severe Injury Assessment and Surgical Options – Orlando Orthopedic Center
      • Clinic: 407-977-3500
      • Andy Reber: 407-448-5132
    • Typical Injury Assessment, Concussion Testing and Sports Rehabilitation – Orlando Sports Medicine
      • Waterford Lakes Clinic: 407-207-7188
      • Altamonte Springs Clinic: 407-332-7816

In-depth coverage of FKK medical, nutrition and performance training options available to athletes and their parents:

Use these tools to improve your athletic performance on and off the field: