Veo is official video provider for Florida Kraze Krush


In its quest to continue elevating player development and coaching education, Florida Kraze Krush (FKK) is excited to announce a new partnership with Veo to be the Official Video Provider for the club. As technological advancements are made, new opportunities emerge for teams to learn. As individual learning styles of players vary, having game footage readily available will increase possibilities for coaches and players alike.

“We are excited to be having all our ECNL and ECNL-RL teams working with VEO this upcoming year. Helping improve our individual player’s IQ and allowing us to review “the why” is very important for players to grow. VEO being capable of withstanding the weather elements and being unmanned was an easy decision for us,”
– Mark Hansen, Director of Operations

Veo is a portable and affordable video solution that helps soccer teams record and analyze matches, as well as training sessions, without the need for a camera operator. Veo’s camera has two 4K lenses to capture 180° that covers the entire field and utilizes AI-powered software that automatically detects the ball during filming.

Veo’s AI-powered software also provides coaches, players, and parents the ability to create highlights from matches or training, draw on the screen to create a visual example of a play breakdown or build-up, and even create player-specific highlights that focus the camera on an individual. With directed highlights, every single player on the pitch can receive the attention they deserve.

Since its founding in 2015, Veo’s mission has been making football recording and AI analysis available to all teams, no matter the size, financial ability, or skill level. Through Veo’s partnership with Florida Kraze Krush, all FKK families will have access to special discounted pricing on Veo and the opportunity to use the video analysis platform to enhance player development.

As we evolve as a club, Veo will allow us to provide active video and data for the development of our players. It gives the coach and players a visual picture to help them to analyze themselves and their team’s performance. The setup features are so minimal, and it is easy to use too.
– Hue Menzies, Executive Director

The ability for us, as coaches, to use video to educate our players is key.  Also having our games taped help build a library of matches that can be shared with college coaches for recruiting purposes.
– Joe Avallone, Director of Coaching

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