Small Sensor, Massive Impact with Uno Playmaker

FKK is excited to announce a new partnership with extraordinary benefits for your player! 

"This gives us another opportunity to monitor the workload of our athletes and their technical/tactical development through data"
-Hue Menzies, FKK Executive Director

“As an organization we are striving to give our players every advantage possible to succeed.”
- Joe Avallone, FKK Director of Soccer

You are part of an exciting, dynamic and progressive club that is uniquely focused on developing talented players. To reach their maximum potential, players need passion, drive, commitment and the guidance and support of a club like Florida Kraze Krush dedicated to inspiring and guiding them.

We also see clearly how every player in the club can benefit from Playermaker’s technology.  What if your player could measure everything they do in training sessions, games and all the individual training hours they put in away from the club?  What if they could access all of that data right on their phone using a mobile app? What if they could share all of that data with coaches and even college scouts and recruiters?  What if they could share and compare that data with parents, teammates and friends? Well, that would be truly powerful.

Playermaker UNO helps both teams and individuals reach their highest level of performance and puts players in a prime position to: 

  • GET SCOUTED and recruited
  • IMPROVE technique, game speed, conditioning, agility and balance
  • UNDERSTAND strengths and weaknesses
  • SHARE sessions and data with teammates, coaches and scouts
  • OPTIMIZE injury risk reduction strategies
  • TRACK performance and progress using data

Immediately after each session, players and coaches have access to ALL the data in a precise summary report. It allows everyone to have real objective data for players and coaches.

Playermaker UNO gives our players and coaches unparalleled insights into performance, with maximum ease of use:

  • Number of touches
  • Left vs right touches
  • Possessions/involvement
  • Time on the ball & average time on the ball
  • Distance covered
  • # of sprints
  • High intensity running
  • And many more!

As a member of our club, you are entitled to a Special Limited Time Offer - 

$60 DISCOUNT!  If you already made a purchase and only received a $25 discount, please email for a reimbursement on your credit card.

Please visit:

Discount Code: "UNOFKK10" upon checkout

Look below for some exciting videos highlighting UNO and its benefits:

Take a look at UNO by Playermaker

Jordan O’Brien talks about UNO

FC Dallas Faca Picault talks about UNO

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